Data Recovery from External and Internal Hard Disks

Orgin performs hard drive recovery from any make, model, brand or operating system. We have experience with all types of data loss.

For 8 years we have remained the world leader for recovering from all types of data loss. Let the experts at Data Recovery Lab help you get your data back.

Origin data recovery engineers have advanced experience recovering files from all types of drive failures, even in the clean room.

Many time a hard drive must be repaired temporarily, or rebuilt, in order to recover the data. It’s true, your hard drive must work the way it did before it failed in order to recover the data.

Any deleted or missing file (including photos) on your laptop or desktop data hard drive and also USB thumb drives can be easily retrieved with our proprietary recovery hard drive tools. Before you start to panic, keep in mind that physical hard drive recovery of even the most obscure data is routine for our professional team of recovery hard drive experts. Better technology and simple solutions at a reasonable price. We offer our decades of experience recovering lost data from internal and external hard drives using Origin proprietary data recovery software.

Dead hard drive, server failure, or is your device just not working? Don’t worry. Origin data recovery engineers are experts at physical hard drive recovery and will help you or your business from losing important data.

Not sure where to start with a hard drive service? Not sure how to tell if a data recovery service knows how to repair mechanical hard drive failures? Not sure who to trust?

We Recover Data From All Hard Dive Models

We recover data from all types of hard drives and in all data loss situations. We have a track record of recovering data from external hard drives or internal hard drives of all known brands such as Western Digital®, Seagate®, Samsung®, Transcend®, Toshiba®, Lenovo®, and LACIE®.

Hard Drive Analysis :

Once we receive your hard drive, we perform our initial hard drive tests to analyse your drive and provide you an analysis report of your hard drive. Once you receive the analysis report, you at-least know, how much data we will be able to recover for you.

in case data is very critical to you & you want it on urgent basis, you can inform this to our data recovery expert. We offer best possible solution to recover your data.

We can recover data deleted files from hard drive and recover data from damaged hard drive, recover deleted files from hard drive which not detecting.

Why does hard drive failure happen? (ie. Why is my hard drive clicking)

Most common hard drive failure symptoms:

⦁ Bad Sectors

⦁ Corrupt or Damaged Firmware

⦁ Failed, Failing, Crashed Read Write Heads

⦁ Scratched Platters

⦁ Deleted Data

⦁ Clicking or Beeping Noises

⦁ Drive not spinning

⦁ Internal hard disk drive not found

⦁ Drive not getting power

⦁ Drive smoking

⦁ Drive screeching or scraping

⦁ Drive knocking

Recovery Costs? How much should hard drive recovery cost?

Successful hard drive repair, and data recovery, requires high levels of training and experience with each drive manufacturer and the tools used in the process.

The value of your data has no relevance to what it will take for one of our engineers to recover the data off the device. Some of the most difficult, time consuming cases include: lost or deleted data from formatted, damaged, clicking, dropped, failed, or otherwise dead hard drives.

Origin engineers successfully recover cases like these in our 100 ISO 5 clean room environment every day. The majority of our clients also appreciate having flat rates based on the storage capacity of their drive, and the cause of the drive failure.

After a Origin engineer evaluates your drive, you will know EXACTLY what kind of failure, and what it’s going to take to recover the data. If your data is unrecoverable, a hard drive recovery representative will be able to provide you with basic details of the results of the evaluation.

With Origin, there is no guessing game when it comes to the price. Our flat rates are for successful recoveries, so you don’t have to send your drive off wondering which kind of payment (VW or Porsche) your going to be asked to pay for your data.

There are data loss situations that require expertise to perform data recovery task. We can boast of recovering up to 100% of the lost data from your internal or external hard drive. We have the best technology to handle the crucial task of data recovery from hard disks used in desktops/laptops, and external hard disks of any brand or type. Here are some use cases when you need an expert to handle the hard disk data recovery case.

Ready to start the process of getting your data back?


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