External Data Recovery


With the popularity of external/removable hard disk drive, people are used to store their personal or business data on the external hard drive. The external hard drive certainly brings much convenience in our daily life.

Avoid using commercial data recovery software or a hard
drive recovery tool that can further damage your device and
even make it unrecoverable.


However, a survey from a data recovery company shows that data loss in the external hard drive takes the largest portion. That is, the way to restore data from external hard drive is much needed. Certainly, a handy external hard drive recovery serrvices will be highly recommended to help recover data from external hard drive.

Any type of hard disk data recovery, Orgin Data Recovery is here to help you. Our engineers are familiar with the various factors that can affect the recovery process on these devices.


Our engineers understand encryption and how to recover files from hard drives. They have been trained and certified by the leading encryption software vendors to safely recover file-level and disk-level encrypted data. We can recover from encrypted hardware, software, email, network files, web pages, storage, and backup devices without compromising the original level of encryption.

Learn more about our privacy, encryption, and copyright compliance here. DriveSavers can customize security protocols beyond the HDD recovery services we routinely provide.


Data is recovered and restored in an image-only format and returned to the system with the original encryption intact. You decrypt the data yourself.

External Hard Disk Data Recovery :

Experienced in all types of data loss, Roots data Recovery Data Recovery is particularly skilled at performing complex hard drive data recovery. The company can successfully retrieve data from mechanically damaged external hard drives. Roots data Recovery also has expertise in recovering data from all types of external hard disk.


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